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NuttyRun is a project developed in 2 days as part of a Game Jam, to recreate classic arcade game modes. The project is inspired by Sonic Mania's special Gem game mode, where the player has to collect rings to add time and collect balls to run faster, as the player chases an emerald running away. The objective in NuttRun is to run as fast as possible and catch the Sacred Nut before the time runs out. The more the player becomes faster, so does the acorn.

This entire project was solo developed to test my skill, knowledge and productivity time, as a result of the number of people working on the project and timescale, some features had to be reduced to make sure the base game was functional. Some features reduced being the main menu, ending widgets, blocking volumes and acorn functionality to  reverse direction if the player has made a 180 degree turn in their running direction.

Responsibilities for this project:

  • Level design, meshing, landscape, Ai pathing and Item placement

  • Player character movement and functions (Speed levels)

  • Game mode

  • UI design and functions (speed levels, custom loading bar and timer)

  • AI Acorn, looping patrol pathing and speed level functionality

  • Widgets, win state, lose state and main menu

  • Logos created in Photoshop

  • Item actors and functionality (Increase speed and increase time)

My thoughts/Overall:


This project can do with some improvements, including sound/music, adding more functions to the AI, including blocking volumes and quality of life checks. However considering the time scale and only myself working on the project, the outcome is something I'm impressed with and allowed me to further develop my skills and gain additional knowledge, such as understanding the scale of the game, not allowing the project to become over-scoped, improving my level design mastery and refining my comprehension of Ai.

Nutty Run promo 1.png
Nutty run Logo.png
Nutty Run promo 2.png
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