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Abscond is a first person puzzle shooter with a focus on slowing down time, challenging the player with time. The main objective is to escape the destroyed ship as fast as possible before the ship explodes. This project was developed for introduction to 3D engines Module, 1st year at Staffordshire University,  BSc Hons Computer Games Design.


Project made in Unreal Engine 4 with blueprint visual scripting

The responsibilities for this project:

  • Designing and meshing all of the level design

  • Creating UX, main menu and HUD

  • Designing and building all of the mechanics and level mechanics tailored towards slowing down time and gun play

  • Crafting puzzles to challenge the player with time and gun play

My thoughts:

This project taught me so much about coding with unreal engine's blueprints and was an introduction to level design and game design philosophy. Some mechanics was placed in the game however they serve no function or little. An example of this would be the alternate fire rate on the gun which had no effect on the game and the dash ability which was added towards the end of the level to help players jump across the fan, this ability on effected the game a little and could've easily been cut from the game with no issues. Overall this was a good attempt for my first ever game, this project taught me a lot about game and level design. However If I could go back with the knowledge I have today, a lot of quality of life changes would be made to improve the game overall.

Abscond menu#.PNG
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