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Brawl Of Bots is a 4 player party game with the objective to knock all the opponents off the arena whilst avoiding the level's obstacles and power ups used by the opponents. This collaborative project was developed in 4 weeks with a crew comprised of 13 developers, both Junior and Senior.

For this project, I was assigned the role of Senior Games Designer, my role is required to is to create a GDD for all members of the project, so they can understand what game we are making. Other responsibilities include overlooking all of the junior designers whilst being the bridge between artists and programmers to develop the game, creating the level mechanics that the player needs to avoid and creating all the power ups and player mechanics.

This project was developed in Unreal engine 4


  • Overlooking all the Design team with Jira and leadership

  • Collaborating with Senior and Junior, Designers, Artists and Programmers to bring the game ideas to engine

  • Pitching game mechanics and game mode to project members and higher ups

  • Creating a GDD (Game Design Document) for all the members to see and understand what game we are developing

  • Testing all aspects of the game to make sure game feel, Level and player mechanics, game mode, UI and power ups are correctly designed and implemented

Brawl Bots GDD:

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