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Project management/Jira:


Tracking progress via tasks and uploading any tasks needing to be completed


Photo editing, creating logos for UI, designing maps, diagrams and documentation

Game Engines/Unreal Engine:

Blueprint coding player characters, game modes, and level mechanic actors. Ai Behaviour Tree, blackboard, and tasks. Level editor, lighting, landscape editor, foliage editor and brush editing.


Microsoft Office:

PowerPoint presentations, Excel data tables and graphs, and Word for game documentation


Modelling Software/3DS Max/MagicaVoxel:

Modelling and unwrapping assets. Creating mini maps and landscapes for reference and designing.


Substance Painter:


Painting assets

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About me

Hey! I'm James, a Junior/Graduate Designer at Playtonic Games. TIGA Designer Graduate of the year 2022 and Nominated for TIGA Outstanding Designer Graduate of the year UK Games Education Awards 2022. Graduated with a First Class Honours at Staffordshire University, BSC Hons Computer Games Design. I'm a dedicated, exceedingly passionate and team-oriented Level Designer with a mission to produce new exciting experiences using the environments! Possessing 3 years of experience as a designer, I understand what makes both level and gameplay engaging, challenging and satisfying to the player.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning and fabricating songs from my guitar, exercising at a gym as well as partaking in sports, reading both books and comics, along with playing games with friends and family. Recently nominated for Outstanding TIGA Graduate of the year award and 1st place in Level Design for GradEx22.

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Social media:

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Soft Skills:

Project management/Jira:


Tracking progress via tasks, uploading any tasks needing to be completed and assorting tasks with the highest and lowest priority.


Microsoft teams, Email, Discord and LinkedIn is used to communicate with others by setting up meetings/calls and communicating via text before or after meetings.


When planning a project and ideas, Microsoft word is used to write down all the ideas into a document. MindMeister allows me to place all the ideas for the game and further develop upon those ideas by making a mind map of the entire project.

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