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Supernova Evasion is a real time strategy demo, the objective of the demo is to protect your ship whilst it's collecting fuel to escape from aliens in their aircraft, you can protect your ship by mining for iron, collecting electricity and producing turrets to keep aliens away. This demo in a Game Jam was produced in 32 hours. The main focus for me in this project as the only senior in the group was to tutor the Junior members coding, modelling, Painting, game modes, AI, main menu widgets and project management. Doing this project further improved on my collaboration and leadership skills, and overall was a great experience at teaching and supporting other game developers.

Developed in Unreal engine 4 with blueprint visual scripting

My responsibilities:

  • Overlooking, guiding and helping all developers in art, programming and design towards the game they wanted to create

  • Modelling, unwrapping and painting multiple assets

  • Teaching members all aspects of games development

  • Assisting in coding and designing

  • Creating the main menu and background

My thoughts:

This demo produced from a game jam was a fun and unique experience compared to all my projects,  as I was mainly tutoring and helping Junior developers wherever I could. Overall this demo was a great learning experience for everyone involved.

Supernova Evasion.PNG
Supernova Evasion 2.PNG
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