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Ain't that a bite


Ain't that a bite is an survival horde based game with the objective to survive and protect your aircraft long enough to escape the ever increasing horde of zombies. This collaborative project was developed in 4 weeks with a crew comprised of 14 developers, both Junior and Senior.

Project was made in Unreal Engine 4 with blueprint visual scripting

My role in the project was junior environmental artist, the responsibilities for this role was as follows:

  • Concepting all of the turrets in the game

  • Modelling, unwrapping and painting all the turrets in 3DS Max and Substance painter

  • Creating and painting multiple environmental assets, this includes modular buildings and single static meshes

My thoughts:

This was my first ever collaborative project; the entire project took place online on Microsoft Teams due to the COVID outbreak in 2020-2021. As a result this project not only further developed my knowledge on how to work with others in a game development environment but the project also improved my adaptability to work in different environments via in person or online.

Engine:       Developed For:       Platform:      Time Frame:

Team Size:

Unreal engine 4

Collaborative project 2021


4 weeks

14 members

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